GT ID Workshop and presentation!

GT ID students!

I am going to be hosting a talk/presentation in your department for Michelle Berryman and Kevin Shankwiler. That will be on the eveninig of March 8th.

The following day, I will be hosting a few workshops. Could be sketching…could be Solidworks…could be Sketchbook Pro. Kevin is working with the other faculty to select the best workshop. Will update later.

Please come out and participate! I enjoy being involved in ID programs, and this will be my first trip to GT.

Good group of students at GT. Was able to sit in and review work on several different groups/levels of students. Also did a Sketch workshop for the 2nd year students and a Solidworks workshop. Not a big group for that one…but they were super interested. Maybe we do a more formal SW day event next time! Thanks Michelle and Kevin at GT.