Group Portfolio Interview?

Anybody experience one of these, I have one coming up at a BIG midwest company with a group of designers and was wondering if anybody has had a similar experience.

Sorry if I was unclear, it will be a group of staff designers that work for the company and would be evaluating me. As far as I know I will be showing my work on a laptop hooked up to a large screen.

There goes my dominant position opportunity…

No, that’s good, actually presenting in a small group can be better than in front of one with one point of view and opinion that may differ from yours. You may have a good mix of devil’s advocates and empathizers. Kind of like know it all intructors disagreeing with each other at presentations. Eases the pressure off the student for the moment.

Walk up to the projector screen, be active. Get up and demonstrate using your imaginary products. Wave your arms. Act like Coco the monkey George. Ask rhetorical and loaded questions that’ll make anyone nod, setting subconscious agreement precedents.

Good luck.

^ deez

Thanks Deez, for the good advice and positive feedback.