grippy plastic

I am looking for a injection moldable material that is stong and rigid yet has a grippy surface. Is this possible without overmolding?

Thanks in advance.


Just about any thermoplastic elastomer can be found in a variety of durometers and don’t need to be limited to an overmolding.

I have got some great support from Santoprene. They have a designer’s sourcebook, complete with sample parts and case studies to help you to determine the grade that you are looking for. Check them out:

If you are looking for a rigid elastomer that is heat resistant, try hytrel. The stuff has been available for 15 years, typically used in the automotive industry for gaskets that are exposed to extreme heat, but for some reason it is really hot right now. I guess the design industry is starting to use it on other applications, belts, overmolding, etc.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I thought of santoprene first also and have just received samples and the material is not strong enough. I will try Hytrel also.

The parts are triggers for rock climbing cams. I molded them out of nylon and I think that is as bad as it could be. I am now thinking that a glassfilled ABS might be good. I just want to find a material with more friction than nylon. As much friction as possible while being rigid.


The problem with “grippy” materials is that they are usually at a lower durometer. These materials will tend to flex and I doubt that would be acceptable for a climbing application.

Have you thought that the part would be molded in an ABS, not sure if it needs to be glass filled (I hate the look and feel of glass filled polymers), but then overmold santoprene, and give you that grippy surface. This would also give your product an increased appearance and value to the customer.