Griffey 2011: project 1

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Pre-job project: This is my first footwear project, please provide feedback. Goal was to design and implement in illustrator the 2011 Griffey cleats. Reusing the outsole plate, for NIKE would probably do. Since i knew this was his last year in baseball, I thought Cooperstown is where he was headed. So, why not celebrate his career w/ gold Hall Of Fame cleats. All criticisms accepted.

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The boards seem far too cluttered, its hard for me to really look at the shoe. Get rid of the diagonal lines in the background they are hard to ignore. Also if I was Nike I wouldn’t want to see my logo upside down, it just seems like a no-no to me, but I’m not in the shoe industry.

I agree with Dubya. Your boards are really cluttered, and that HOF logo with the three players is huge and way too complex. Are you presenting a Logo design or a shoe design? It takes up too much space on your boards, and it doesn’t fit with the rest of your design. The lateral side is all straight lines and grid, but then the logo is very swoopy and looks randomly placed. Your shoe design would look much better without it.

The other issue with your boards is the font for the “Griffey In game Cleats” part. That script-y font is hard to read, and it doesn’t really make sense. Is that a baseball appropriate font? Is it a Nike appropriate font? Look at the Nike Baseball website, and you’ll see that the fonts are all really clean, simple, and easy to read.

Is this shoe about the Hall of Fame or is it about Ken Griffey Jr? HOF doesn’t make sense to me, it just reads as “Hof”. If you want to do some letters or logo, maybe you could just do something simple with the “Jr”. If you just had a simple “Jr” on the shoe, that would let everyone know who the shoe is for and it wouldn’t distract from the rest of your design.

Your design and renderings look pretty good for a first try, but it’s hard to focus on them with all the other stuff going on with your boards. You are presenting a shoe design, so make sure that is your focus. Don’t distract yourself with things like logos and fancy typefaces. These things will not make your design better, but they can definitely make it worse.

I cleaned up the presentation a little bit. Hope this helps.