Greetings to the Core77 Family from the Newbie

Hello everyone, my name is David and I’m a new member to the board. I’m 25 years old and a junior architect and I live and work in New York. I was born in Saulte Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada and raised in Barbados, which is in the caribbean. I actually graduated with my B.Arch last year June 2005 and my Bsc. Arch in June 2003. I have a passion for both architecture and shoes/design technology and I am a student of both. I am really looking forward to gaining some valuable experience in the Shoe design field and I’m planning to do a degree in Shoe/Accesories Design in the not to distant future. I have been sketching my ideas for a number of years now and am really looking forward to learning more and improving my skills. I am proud and honoured to be a new member of the community here and I look forward to interacting with everyone. I’d also like to offer my sincere congratulations to MArk Miner on starting his career at Adidas. I’ve seen the passion and creative genius in his work and I’d like to encourage him to continue on to the top. All the best to you ladies and gents and I look forward to your input and guidance. I forgot to mention that I use Autocad 2005, a bit of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I’m really looking forward to improving on Illustrator and Photoshop and some 3d modeling programs so any tutorials that you guys may have access to you can always direct me to them once it is convenient. Thanks again.




welcome to the boards and you will be sucked in…I have been atleast. This footwear section has its times where you are hooked an every morning you look an see what has been posted. Its a good thing though and I think we all learn a thing or two from each other.

An inspiration for me in the recent year has been architecture. I have been hooked on two magazines, Casabella and Techniques & Architecture. I would like to see some of your works in this area and see your growth of knowledge in that area of design and bring it into footwear.

With the tutorial computer/ hand sketching stuff you can post questions or better search an I am sure it has been asked before and answered. Also, always helps when having problems with work, is to post the work and raise the question, this can help us give you more specific answers or comments.

thanks for the kind words

be easy


oh man,

you’re overrating that gut Mike… Mark whatever Miner.he’s renderings are good but man when it comes to design he sucks, trust me.
and if you’re impressed by the amount of work he has done, just wait until he finds a nice looking oregonian girl, you won’t see more stuf coming from him!

am i wrong uno?


… but you are going to have to get used to DD’s sense of Humor (It’s what we call “Eastern European”), but trust me, he makes up for it in the renderings :wink:

(DD when you coming back to the states man?)

Welcome Stephondee!!!

…MM, have you ever checked out Auto&Design magazine?
It features a lot of pictures of the whole design path of cars, from sketches to the final version that goes to production. Renderings and mid-development prototypes pics are often included.
I like it very much (…too bad it is bi-monthly and mad-expensive…), I think also Yo would love it…:wink:

Ciaooo to everyboby!!! (especially DD!)

mc [pietro]

read it all the time, good stuff…

I will try an check out that magazine. I am still trying to find out where the magazine shops are here.

Pietro- do you think you could scan in some of that from tha magazine? I would be interested in seeing it, and I am sure many others would be too.

DD- thanks bro…I have you to thank, what can I say I learn from tha best of them. No time yet for side things. Overrating…who knows but def is pressure to succeed in this business, looking forward to it.

be easy



yo! me and you share a somewhat similar background, except i right about the time i was to start with architecture i found ID and have been on this path ever since, i am still hopeful that one day i will get to build something on that scale or maybe even go back to school for it…are you still doing architecture?

as for tutorials, what type of stuff are you looking for? there are really that many 2d joints (yo has some good ones one his site) but you will not have any problem finding 3d tutorials for the different 3d programs. if you have accsee to them spend some time playing around with stuff and you will start to get a general feel for them…

hang around theses forums and i guarantee you will learn something from the diverse viewpoints and maybe pick up a trick or 2…

especially if you want to it get here (something like $30-$40 per issue, i think, not including shipping) but it the stuff in it is really good to see

Mark, here we go!!!

These are six pages i scanned a few months ago.

This is also the link to the magazine website:

mc [pietro]

Hi David! Congrats on the architecture graduation. I’m actually hoping to study architecture myself here in the UK once I’ve finished my final year of 6th form next year. Like yourself, footwear is another passion for me. Anyway, welcome to boards dude. I’m sure you will improve as much as much as I have thanks to the great members on the forum.

hey guys thanks for the warm welcome. i’ll upload some sketches i’ve done when i get home for some feed back. i’ve only done them on paper, but i’m looking into doing them in illustrator and photoshop. that would really increase my skill in using them. thanks again.