Green Spinning

I was watching a show on the weekend that pointed something interesting out.

There’s a scene in An Inconvenient Truth that is a huge sweeping panoramic shot of glaciers. I think it even had a huge ice berg calving off the side of the Glacier.

What this show pointed out was that this shot was 100% computer generated. It was a CG shot from The Day After Tomorrow…or whatever the big global warming sci-fi CG flick was a couple summers back.

What it sparked in my mind was a huge level of distrust in the data in An Inconvenient Truth. Finding out that a simple shot, like a helicopter flying over a glacier. Used CG instead of the real thing.

So to continue my currently jaundiced eye view of the Green “Movement”, I find out that one of the keys to the movement (a popular culture movie hosted by an ex-vice president) uses fake imagery in a simple scene.

How am I not to sit back now and question where else they might have “fudged a bit”?

I think “after the warming” was in many ways more honnest, and I do have a big problem with IconTruth. The science is out there sci american had some good stuff, how bad and how quick is whats up for debate…hell i got 1 inch of snow this moringing in eastern washington…wheeeeeeee gimme some warming quick!

Hmm. Interesting find.

ding ding ding. Round 2! :slight_smile: