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Thanks greg… How long have you had an account there?

IDES Prospector is pretty great. They used to send out CD’s which I usually just dumped in a drawer with other junk mail, but a few years ago I needed to source TPE for an overmolding application. It was right before Christmas so I needed to find something fast. Within a few hours I had 5 suppliers sending me samples.

We’re still looking for adequate replacements for packaging that compare to polyolefins. So far there’s nothing off the green search that is exciting anybody but I’ll keep trying. The appetite for environmental improvement seems to get pushed to the back burner when the economy goes bad.

Thats consumerism. Would not be much better with the opposite I guess

I think we’ll start to see a big push for these types of materials in the near future. All the talk about banning BPA, pthalates, plastic bags, etc along with the impending Democratic takeover has got the chemical companies and trade groups spooked.

sometimes changes like these are expensive too… Thats the hard part. Walmart is the one to evoke change not democrats or republicans.

Banning one plastic or another would be interesting. What plastics can they ban specifically?

You know we have a design engine Halloween party coming up … Friday night. UPRISE SKATE SHOP and DESIGN ENGINE - Roller skates and skateboards called ‘skate 8to8’ call me for the details. idsa Chicago will announce it. I figure a couple hundreds designers will filter in and out throughout the night.

Also tonight at the cultural center IDSA and CFDA team up for this show of furniture design. 6to8 tonight.

Well I don’t skate but if I can break away from trick-or-treating, I’ll try to stop by for a pick-up hoops game.

Its the ingredients that are causing problems. BPA used in the polymerization of polycarbonate is the reason why PC is going away for food/bev packaging especially baby bottles. Nalgene phased it out and they just had on this blog about Thermos new line of BPA free sippy cups (Walmart loves those).
Phthalates are plasticizers but are also in a lot of things like lining for cans, fragrances, adhesives.
I just heard about antimony used in PET, which will only pile on to the bottled water and soda industry.