Green packaging spotted

I ran across this and though you would enjoy… a wine box that looks “pretty good”
(graphics a little cliché for me)… but the the way it breaks down for recycling is
impressive - it looks so easy to separate the parts.

Basically this 3 bottle equiv wine box…
is taken arpart like this…
and breaks down to this…
It’s also near the end of the short video.

Anyone else seen exceptionally “green” packaging out in the wild?

Similar, but simplier. Not quite as refined.

The Bota Box. Inner bag, and outer box folds flat and goes in the cardboard recycling.

I’ve actually really been digging the boxed wine these days. If I’m just looking to have a glass with dinner, and not something truly special. Most of the ones I’ve tried aren’t too bad, and this is one of them. I usually go red, but this is a good photo of the packaging.

And even more simple: the paperbottle

No need to dissmantle it. Everything is the same material.

Here’s another similar example:

Now that’s real green design. I love it how it solves a problem(dissasembly cost) by avoiding it :wink:

I think the above principle could be applied to your winebox.

Nonetheless: Nice find


Nice one Nurb, fold up is super simple - the big chunks of plastic do seem kind of extreme; maybe for ease of disassembly? I guess this could be a little like that Core front blog post recently (that I haven’t had the time for yet)

Just in looking around, it looks like some other types of wine cases are made of different materials, one like an orange juice carton with coated paper rather than a bladder and of course other ones are in metal cans now.

I’ve seen those paper bottles before too, and they are sharp looking! I wonder if there are any issues with using it for something like wine… it has the feel that it might need a more perfect seal than usual and some kind of intert material. The green one is cool too - seems like something recyclable without any disassembly at all

Any package designers out there know of a good site with environmental impact differences between packaging? Or any other general information/sources on recyclability and enviro impact of different packaging? I’m kind of interested in learning more…

Here is a thread from a while back regarding the 360 Bottle. 360Degree Paper Bottle I go on quite a rant, so please excuse me, but this bottle is a bit more of a marketing move than a way to save the environment. There are many issues when it comes to the manufacturing of it that by the time they were all worked out it would be lined worth foil, wax, or plastic and would defeat the purpose of the initial concept. Like I mention in the other thread, my view is that sustainability is just as much about education as it is about materials.