green furniture for restaurant.

I have a customer who is opening a restaurant and the whole thing is ‘super green’ in that the products used are sustainable - reusable etc. And the architect designing the facility is not able to deliver … ‘green furniture’. anyone know of a company making PLA furniture? Links?

Any ideas - resumes … who is up for this?

dunno about PLA but what about

  1. vintage chairs. why buy new when you can get some great vintage stuff? even a mix and match look (different styles) looks pretty cool.
  2. custom make some using local labor and farmed wood (or recycled barn wood)
  3. aluminum - recylable?
  4. maybe check with DWR. I seem to remember reading something in one of their catalogs about some products being green.
  5. IKEA - don’t they have recycled PP chairs?

Of course “super green” is all relative.


someone in our office mentioned beetle wood… from the trees that become infested with Beatles… I hear people are doing stuff with that wood now.

I agree with R. I would more into reclaimed stuff than trying to make something new out of a “Green” material. I don’t know what there budget is, but trying to make a set of furniture for a restaurant out of these kind of materials seems like it would be very expensive. If you find chairs that have been used this will cut the cost down and could give the restaurant a unique style. You could also look into reclaimed wood, like from barns that have been torn down, etc… Good luck.

What about the sustainable forestry initiative?

And what about the obvious? - locally made from local materials, ease of recyclability (I don’t know if that is a real word), washable linens, etc. Have A. Finkl cast them some solid steel tables - they should last forever and can be remelted :wink:

Edit: What about the CFDA?

Anyone remember the C77 discussion thread, a year or so ago, about a small furniture “factory” operating in NYC that made all of their stuff out of locally reclaimed lumber and timber … . ?

edit: Check these out.

And what about the obvious?

Any thing “used” (already in existence) would fall into the “green/sustainable” category in my opinion. We have a local restaurant that used all mismatched flatware and china; the seating, tables, and table clothes are all at hodge-podge of mismatched items well.

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