green/ bio degradable cleaners

I was asking in a mt biking forum about cleaning the chain and many people suggest to use bio-degradable detergents. Then one guy said bio-degradable detergents is useless in not polluting the environment because once you have used it, it won’t be environmental friendly anymore since it has been containminated with the dirt you just washed off. I find it kinda true. So how does it work? Are they really environmentally friendly?

He’s probably the same guy who doesn’t believe in global warming.

When i have a choice of what my dirt will contaminate: toxic solvents and chemicals or non-toxic chemicals…I choose non-toxic ones.
Most of the household cleaners contain chlorine one of the leading causes of cancer…and chlorine is in everything, even your dish detergent. so, unknowingly you get a little bit of chlorine in your diet daily. it just gets more harmful when heated, too…also in a lot of cleaners there’s perchlorethylene ( damages nervous system, liver, kidney…causes cancer), formaldehyde (cancer), phenol, methoxychlor (pesticide), nitrobenzene (absorbs through skin, causes cancer…like all of the other petroleum distillates). Hydrochloric acid, lye, ammonia…are major skin irritants, and after you wash 'em down the drain they irritate all of the little fishies in the lake.

Yes, they’re more environment friendly. What a silly question. They are not entirely safe, but they won’t kill your toddler when he licks the lid of an oven cleaner container.

Most of household stuff can be cleaned with baking soda, vinegar, and salt just as good, or even better than most of the stuff sold in stores…I mix up most of my own cleaning supplies.

What kind of dirt do you need to get rid of? rust? greasy rust?

What I mean is when I use a bio-degradable detergent to clean grease off my chain, the grease containminates the “bio-degradable” detergent making the misture harmful. So those bio-degradable detergents are only harmless to the environment when they are not used… right?

You will either have a mixture where 50% of its contents are toxic (grease) or a mixture that is 100% toxic…In the first mixture, the only thing that harms environment is the grease, in the mixture number two everything else harms the environment, plus the grease. Probably the grease would be the least harmful thing in the mixture 2.

You decide if there’s a difference.