Greatest wheels

Some great ones already posted. Those 2 ordinal TT wheels are great. The 6 spokes would always get the worst case of curb rash though because they stuck out! Super cool, but bad ID. OG sketch at my dealership.

I have the flat 5 spokes in the picture and definitely love them.

I got the more complicated 5 spokes on the S5 and I curse them every time I wash the car… way too complicated, lesson learned. 2 of my co-worked have the “rotor” style Audi wheels on their S5 and A4… totally envious. Easy to clean and the graphite finish always looks clean because it is basically the color of brake dust. Genius.

My favorite aftermarket wheels right now are Fifteen52. Follow them on Facebook, great posts!



I’m also a nut for the SAAB three spokes. Always loved those.

The Torq-thrust’s we’re going to be my suggestion…but for diversity sake I also love the M parallels. There’s very few BMW’s that they don’t look good on, even dating back to the old E30’s.

I’ll see your “M parallels” and raise you “Z8 splits”!

That Z8 is the cat’s ass, and the wheels are perfect. These, by contrast, not so iconic. But more shiny.

Ooch. Ok, yeah they are similar. Like I said, I’m no expert :slight_smile: You have a Ghia? I’ve got a Sunshine Yellow '74 Convertible. Might get it back on the road this summer, we’ll see.

And bonus for being body color… Cat’s ass… Is that good or bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a Ghia?

Past tense; had a '68 for eighteen years; I still see it driving around town occassionally. The guy that bought it totally restored it, but it’s starting to look a little rough around the edges again. I’m thinking stalk and pounce, but I’ll bet he wants a whole lot more than he paid me for it.

A candidate for a Subaru conversion me thinks… . .

My mom has a '69 bus I’d love to put a Subie in. Ahh, some day.

Good, very good.

+1 TE37, CE28N, Work Emotion CR, and Enkei RPF1

This are one of the finest wheels that I ever seen on a mortal car.
Polished aluminum.


Anyway, I’m surprised nobody’s posted these yet! Or did I miss them?

Just saw a set of these a couple days ago, they really are eye-catching.

Classic OZ racing wheels.

Nothing says Gran Turismo 3…

There are a lot of great wheels posted, I would like to share a few of my favorites that I think need to be mentioned. The right wheel can make a car and the wrong wheel can totally ruin a car.

Since someone already posted Minilites and the OG BBS wheels, I’ll go with Lotus wobbly webs. Constant wall thickness for easy casting in the 60s, but with integral stiffening by deforming the material out of its plane. Often paired with inboard discs at the time, so the lack of brake cooling was not an issue.

Who’da thunk “wobbly wheel” was a technical term?!? Thanks Scott.

I really want to get some Campagnolo wheels (Auto) for a 2002 or GTV project that will happen sometime.

But BBS Basket weaves and Turbo fins are always classic. As are Work Type-02 and type-03.

These early cr-x wheels are something I keep an eye out for.