Great Printer...Great Digital Camera?

I appreciate several poster’s suggestions to go out (no, run!) and get a Canon S9000 large format ink jet printer. I am tickled pink with mine, especially since it cost me less than $200! So, next topic: I need to get a Digital Camera for design and for home. Can anyone recommend a camera that they love for accuracy, ease of use, ease of uploading, and of course, price? And would you also stick with a film camera (for image longevity, accuracy, etc.) or are those on the way out? Thank you!



I’m quite happy with mine. Price has come way down since the review below. For its current price its well worth it. (I did get a larger memory card as the review suggests.)

Fuji FinePix F700

Canon S400!

It has really nice optics and light management is the best I’ve seen.

Film? Are you crazy?

Point and shoot: Canon G5

Its cheap for the quality and provides all the (hard to find) manual features you want as a designer.

DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel!
Only $1000 (with lens) for 6.3 MP and EOS lens compatability!

I have two 35mm slr’s that i used in the past for all my photos

but in the last 2 years i have barely touched them

I have a minolta dimage 7hi it’s an awesome camera in both automatic and manual modes i use it for portfolio and promotional images.

I also have a canon sd10 for quick shots and travel this camera surprised the hell out of me with it’s quality. it’s tiny (i keep it in my pocket at all times), the battery life is better than most, and the image quality is amazing i have used it for promotional photos when i was too lazy to go get the minolta out.

I am very happy with the minolta and would highly recomend it, but the new cannon digital rebels, seem to offer a great deal of options for a very resonable price.

I appreciate all the feedback. I’ll hopefully go out and get one of the above with some of my tax return (wife willing). Thank you!


well, i have a sony dsc f707 and i am very happy. You could buy the new one the f828 with much more features…Very easy to use, the lens is almost independent from the main body (this means many different angles that help you to shoot from many positions…) Anyway, i wouldn’t worry about the colors and such thing once the photoshop is there to fix all the probs.

simple to use and cheap
Nikon Coolpix 3100
Good quality close ups
I’m happy with it for now
Although if you want a more proffesional camera then I don’t know.

Good luck