Still have lead ,(Pb) :smiley: in your favorite pencil, just add this extender. Great tool.

I like it!

for some reason mine’s just a little too big for all my pencils so i have to wrap my pencils in tape before i can shove it in

Mine too, but i squeezed it together so its just slightly oval and now it grabs the pencils better.


I really want to make a joke here, but…never mind. :laughing:

You think THAT is a great pencil extender, try this one! I love mine!!! This is a UK product but it’s sold on Ebay and also at Jerry’s Artarama. They work perfectly. There are two sizes too.

Same here, the verithins are just a little too thin and need some tape.

That’s why I like my Derwent extenders! You can tighten the metal screw-style collar that goes over the pencil until its tight and then you don’t have to worry about the pencil loosening. Just make sure you get them in the right size. There is one that comes in a set of 7mm and 9mm (for larger diameter pencils) and there are some places online that sell only the 7mm ones by themselves.

I got mine on ebay.

I have gifted my nephew this pencil extender . I had fun teaching him to make maximum use of pencil using such kind of tool .

ARen’t they awesome!! And classy design too. :slight_smile:

Bic pen makes a good extender.

another option is to super-glue two short pencils together!