Great packaging / packaging is the product itself

Great packaging.

And as there is no tangible product (the FLAC audio files), the packaging becomes the product itself.

Includes all 14 Beatles albums in FLAC audio format, album artwork, rare photos, liner notes, and 13 mini-documentaries in this little Granny Smith apple shaped USB.

Yes, package is also one of key part of a successful product! Like Apple Product!
Cool stuff, how much is it? can I buy it from China?

For some reason, this doesn’t strike me as exceptional. Obviously the MP3 needed to be delivered through a retail channel via a storage device. At most I just find this package neat in an arts and crafts grandma kinda way.

Don’t ask where the grandma reference came from as I don’t know myself. :smiley:

I think it’s a clever stick and all, but wonder what I would do with the apple once I’ve downloaded the music and files onto my PC and player… come to think of it, with all that space, they might have been able to make the apple itself a player

Good point, or make the apple able to hold files like a HD. I think it is clever and for a real die hard Beatle fan it is great. It strikes me as more of a collectible.