Great looking wheels

After everyone complained about the wheels on that new 5 series, it made me think of the wheels I’ve really liked. I’d love to see what others like.

I’ve always liked these very simple Saab rims. Especially the three spoke ones:

are we talking OEM or outsourced OEM? i’ve been a huge fan of BBS oem wheels over the years. classic.

I think we’re looking for different things here 914 :smiley:

A couple classic wheels, just to prove I do like wheels with more than three spokes.


Fuchs wheel (used on Porsches):

I am definately old school - Borrani wires with knock-offs

Another couple I like: GTI and 928 phone dials.


I had a set on my '66 Lotus Cortina and thought that I’d put a set on my '89 Ford Escort … until I found out it would set me back $400 per CORNER!!! :open_mouth: Big difference in 1969 prices and 2010 prices, plus, uncommon (now) bolt pattern (manufacturered in batches only) . :unamused:

As Classic as they get.

Another old favorite… if you drove a VW

EMPI 8-Spoke
Empi 8-spoke.JPG

in fact i was just checking out those saab wheels up
there (the third from top) on my way back from school
they look really good on the car.

whilst looking for a pic of the asymetric mid nineties Ford Ka wheels that I love, i bumped into these unusual rims for the Ka which I’d never seen before.

huge fan of 8 spoke wheels on some cars.

my favorite is are from japan. rs watanabe:

you can still get them in magnesium.

my favorite BBS wheel :

I’ve always loved the rims on the BMW Z4 concept, make me think of the Sagarda Familia from Gaudi for some reason:

I feel Lamborghini makes great rims:

The old Ferrari rims are classic:

And the rims available for the Audi TT are future classics:

@Kung Fu Jesus you should check out the originals: minilite.

EDIT: just realised they have been posted already :slight_smile:

holtag: great choices. I forgot about the sweet rims on the TT. Very modernist, just like the car itself.

As for that Z4 concept wheel: how they hell did they make that? I can’t understand how it would be cast or machined. Beautiful though.


You beat me to posting the original TT rims (both coupe and convertible) those are pretty much the bench mark for me. The simpler, cleaner, and 5 spokier the better in my book.

That said, you have to post the original Bugatti wheels that started it all: The type 35b:

I love these Ford Fusion wheels. I feel like ford will be changing the game with these and more to come on new focuses (foci?) and fiestas. But I’m kind of a more is more guy.

In general, I think VW and Audi rims tend to fit my style the best, typically pretty simple:
Picture 5.jpg
Picture 4.jpg
Picture 3.jpg
Picture 2.jpg
Picture 1.jpg

not my particular steez, but kind of reminds me of some of the generative graphics stuff somehow…

IDiot: Good catch. There does seem to be some sort of fractal aspect in the Ford design. Great looking wheel too. Even better on a Mondeo than a Fusion.

I always thought, that these Ford wheels were nice reincarnations of the 70ies Italian Style of the Campagnolo
wheels for Lamborghini and De Tomaso, but espacially the infamous Momo Vega aftermarket ones:

Momo Vega:

Speeking of Campagnolo I see these, but didn’t find a better pic:

not to forget 70ies Cromodora:

Generally I like the Italian ones. But there is more:

The original Alpina Design:

and the very contemporary CSL Style wheels.