Great Kickstarter Projects.

There always seems to be people posting their kickstarter projects on here. (Usually, usually as a 1st post in an attempt to make it to the Core77 page) But I came across a really awesome project that people here might enjoy. I figured it might be a good idea to have a single thread that people can post projects the community might find interesting.

I cam across this photo album on Reddit earlier.

They’re a bit pricey, but love the design detail of the aluminum “frame”

Trying to decide between a Walnut or Rosewood version. I was thinking I could make my own, but realized I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole quite yet.

Just saw this and thought it had great potential. Wearable tech is getting even more specific.

I’ve bought into these. been happy with all of them so far. The last one is still in production.

Is this done by some of the fellows here?

Not anyone here that I know off.

But these could be pretty nice for students. Was skeptical at first, but look like they could be useful.
Some laser cut transparent plastic options would have been nice though.

Saw Austin present and win for the Merit Award at the Central District IDSA conference this past year, but don’t know if he’s on here or not.

I kinda like the idea, but I actually find shoes pretty easy to draw. A template would just slow me down.

Jep, that way you can easier see the underlying lines and details. I think they should think about it too.

Sure, as Sain was saying, it could be a good tool for beginners to get the proportions right and have a faster learing curve?

Was going to post this in the watch thread, but here is a good spot too. For those who love the Ikepod hour glasses, but want a more affordable version. Only 1 day to go.

Not sure why but this seems really cool. Would make an awesome desk trinket.

and this is just genius