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"There are some problems with folding furniture," observed mechanical engineer Chi-Hao Chiang, who left his native Taiwan to pursue a Masters in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute. "Folding chairs can be folded flat and the seat height is proper, but it's too long for people to carry, especially those who are short. Folding stools are easy to carry, but the seat height is too short for people to sit comfortably, especially those who are tall."

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It more a litte folding coffe table, I guess. I would never by that as a stool.

I see a huge stress on the small slanted ‘L’ pieces on the sides. I should think they would need to be made of metal to handle the load. I think the design needs some FEA before it becomes a product.

To make a foldable chair, that short people can carry, and tall people can sit on, a standard X frame design, of steel tubes and a canvas seat, with telescopic legs, and a carrying handle on the long side would do the trick.

The weight he introduces by choice of materials means this design is not really for carrying.

Not to rain on his parade, the design is cool, and as a space saving chair it is much more attractive than most other designs I have seen. It would be nice to see one with a backrest.

Where is the back? The first image shows it.

There is one picture that shows the author sitting on it. He definitely does not trust on this chair since he is not relaxed. The prototype is quite fragile.