Great examples of portfolios.

Does anyone have great examples or a list of examples of portfolios that are online that really show great layouts, tell a story, and are somewhat different from the generic format of Problem Statement > Ideation > Mood Board > Sketches >Process Work > Modelling > Final Concept?

I am trying to really start my portfolio but am having a tough time because a lot of my work are HUGE projects including lots of service design integrated into actual product design. I am not quite sure how to do great layouts and make GREAT looking pages that tell a story and communicate my ideas effectively in as little slides as possible. I have all these pictures, just not sure what to do with them.

Any help?

I started a thread not too long ago in this section of the forum specifically for this reason, titled “favorite portfolios” or something like that.
Have a look there, some great examples are mentioned.

First look for the thread bepster speaks about.

Second, before asking for any more help, create a layout for one of ypur projects and share it here. This way canpoint out what is working and wht is not. Itll ne easier for us to help u.