great example of green applied to footwear

and no its not hemp rope sandals…

another nice one from nike acg…sex.y as hell, when can i buy a pair? :wink:

Seriously those ACG’s are an IMMEDIATE COP the second I see them.

Anyone know Mike Aveni? Yo??? I NEED those!!!

Thanks for posting!

looks like most of the awards are for products that are yet to hit the market but on the way.

i haven’t been able to find them anywhere yet.

the ski’s from grown are awesome too.

Terra Plana recycle the 99% of the shoe.

That Nike model is killer.

the nike ACGs are nice, indeed, i really like the way the construction process was made visible with the weaving between the midsole and upper.

what i wonder for all these “green” footwear products, i how much difference it really makes. marketing-wise, of course, there’s a big USP, but i really cant see consumers disassembling their shoes before tossing them or putting the appropriate parts in the right waste management system (recycling, compost, etc.).

less toxic manufacturing (water based cements, etc.) is certainly a good thing (at least for the workers), but im not sure from a big picture view if its more hype than anything else.

in general, the footwear industry isn’t very green (chemical cements, leather processing methods, etc.), and appreciate the effort by brands to make a difference, but i do get a feeling lots of this is just bandwagonism.

if anything, a more sustainable footwear product i would see as something more akin to traditional shoe making where shoes can be re-soled, and repaired, last longer and have less materials to go to go the landfill.