Great Deal on a Wacom

Not trying to have this come off as spam - but I saw this on another forum I’m on and with all the “what tablet should I buy” discussions that go on this could be a great deal.

Refurbished Intuos 3 6x8" for only $180.

I’m not sure how long this deal will last - but thats a great savings for any broke college students looking to pick up a tablet before fall semester begins!

Not sure if they ship internationally, but I’ve purchased other design stuff from Adorama before and never had a problem so I wanted to pass this on.

If I were going to purchase one I would at least want the 19" screen for sketching.

19" screen? The Cintiq comes in 20.1" and 21" flavors but those are 10x as expensive.

They’re all sold out anyways. A mod can delete this, I didn’t realize they’d move so quickly.