Grass Greener on the Other Side?

So I applied to a 6 shools, and I’m waiting on letters from RISD and UC… I was thinking maybe I should of applied to more schools in areas with better weather? Warmer weather. More specifically California. I had the opportunity to go basically anywhere, but I chose Ohio, and the northeast… Granted they are amazing schools, but there’s also amazing schools on the west coast. Is the grass greener on the other side?

Ohio’s not so bad . . . plus, if you end up at UC you will be able to co-op anywhere you want SIX TIMES - take advantage and travel while you can!


I lived in Cincinnati from 2000-2004, moved to Chicago from 2004-2008 and will be moving back to Cincy in a couple of months. Weather wise, it’s not ideal. It’s similar to Chicago, winters are on average a bit warmer, it receives less snow on average, and is less windy, but still mostly cold and sunless. Like Chicago, and a lot of the Midwest there’s only two seasons, winter and summer. The summers can be nice, gets really humid though, and there are definitely things to do for recreation. You will have to look harder to find entertainment as opposed major cities, but all in all it’s not a bad place to live.

Also consider that as deevee pointed out that you will be in and out of Cincinnati through out college, and also you will probably be spending a lot of your time in studio.

I considered Art Center in Pasadena, and the change in weather certainly sounded appealing but ultimately the strength of the DAAP program, the facilities, the access to rapid prototyping tools, the strength of the teaching staff, the Co-op program, not to mention the huge cost difference… making my decision based off of weather seemed too superficial.

My advice, on the list of important things to consider when choosing a school, weather shouldn’t be in the top 10.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure I’m not getting into UC, But I did also apply to CCAD and CIA. If I was accepted into UC (which would be highly unlikely) That’d be my first choice by far.

I agree that I shouldn’t base it on weather, but it’s hard not to think about it, when making a decision.

It sounds like you didn’t apply to any schools where the weather would be nice, so why worry?! It’s not so bad…

I went to UC but I’ll endorse CIA too. If you get in there you should strongly consider it - I know a lot of talented people have been coming out of there lately.

agree with rollermt,
there has been some REALLY GOOD WORK coming out of CIA in the past couple years, and if you are accepted there and rise to the occassion I’m sure you could get some internships that could allow you to escape the questionable weather if you so desire.

Great weather is cool, but sometimes those bitter winters are all the motivation you need to stay in the lab/studio and knock it out.

A lot of great designers my generation went to CIA and from the portfolios I’ve been seeing it appears they are back on their game.

Come on. you have skyline chilli in cinci…can’t go wrong with that!