Graphics Tablets - Digital Sketching

I already use a graphics tablet (VERY basic ‘Trust’ tablet) and I want to do more digital sketching but I’m finding out now how inaccurate the tablet I have really is. I’d buy a Wacom if I could afford it (!) but also I don’t think I would even use a Wacom to the best of its abilities.

Does anyone know of tablets which are more ‘mid-range’ , somewhere between the rubbish tacky ones and Wacom quality? Has anyone used these new (?) Aiptek tablets?

Any advice / input would be much appreciated


Dont skimp on the tools. The standard wacom is the mid-level now. The cintique is the best way to go, with tablet pc being the second…as long as you still have the main comp. to run larger CAD files.

Anyone using Cintiq or other Wacom tablet with Solidworks? I’ve seen it on American Chopper (that spaz they have stuck in the office that does all the “Design” work.

Seems like if you combine that with a Spaceball it could be a force to be reckoned with.