Graphics Card Performance

I just got a new computer with a NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX graphics card. I mainly model in Rhino and Render in Flamingo. I am not sure if there are settings I need to be changing in Rhino to achieve the most performance out of the GeForce Card. Can anyone give me any insight??

I’m not super familiar with Rhino, but you should be able to max out your modeling performance the same way you would with any other 3d package and video card: It will be better at lower resolutions and with as few objects on the screen as possible. But with that card, you don’t need to worry so much about maxing out its performance. That’s the beauty of higher-end cards. You don’t optimize for them, you just use them. Unless you make some crazy environment and have tons of objects in your scene and you have them shaded in the modeling window, it isn’t very likely that you’ll encounter any performance hit while modeling that can be traced back to the video card.

As for Flamingo, your renders won’t be sped up at all. I’m pretty sure that renderer is entirely processor dependent. However, since the 7800 allows pretty smooth and interactive modeling with shading turned on in the modeling windows, light placement and things like that will be easier, which may keep you from having to test renders a lot, thereby speeding up net rendering time for final renders.

I got the card because even with my setting on “smooth” my models were still looked jagged before. They def look smoother now, but i wasnt sure if there were setting (either in the cards preferences or in Rhino/Flamingo" that I could change to make the render use the cards full potential.