Graphics and Dell Precision M70

I’m really close to throwing this phookin’ thing out the window! 2GB of Ram, a rockin’ video card, and this thing is crashing Photoshop and Explorer left and right.

I just got a photo-shoot done and the images are on a DVD (each about 64MB each.) I swear, I go to Photoshop to open one, and the darn thing flips out. I’ve had to reboot the computer a number of times and Photoshop just crashes for no apparent reason. It’s not like the horsepower isn’t there. I’m an industrial designer and I’m not used to working with images this large. is this what graphic artists put up with all day? I’m about ready to cry, I’m soooo frustrated. And of course, there is a tight deadline.

My question is this: do Macs really make that BIG of a difference when working with these monstrous image files? I obviously can’t switch to Mac as I use CAD programs (don’t tell me about Bootcamp/Parallels.)

I freakin’ hate this machine. $4000 piece of crap. Don’t ever, ever buy a dell. Get a Lenovo.

I got an M90…use it for solidworks…and thats it…not sure how it would handle graphics…
I have noticed that it crashes Internet Explorer…though? bummer dude.

I have an M70 and haven’t had any of those problems.

I don’t use IE though, but Firefox has never been a problem…

And the few times I’ve used large files like that in Photoshop it has handled it without any problems.

Sometimes you just get defunct computer though. Bad batch of chipsets or something. I had an iBook 2 years ago that wouldn’t startup right out of the box. I had to reinstall everything from the beginning, and it never really ran all that smoothly.

If you’ve had the M70 for a while (which you probably have) it might be time for a clean re-install. I still find it useful to do that that every 1-2 years.