graphic trends and direction

The faux forrest theme is hot right now…

You know, influences of deer, woods, ect. found in ALL grahphics and many products now.

I want to open up a discussion on predictions for the next graphic application trends in design.

My prediction: farm animals?[/code]

Does anyone have a reaction?

Love or hate?

How do you feel about the abundance or dder and antlers involved in design? Is it tacky?

What is next? Can flamingos in a front yard be high design?

blame it on the jager miester bottles!!!

thats what started it all.

I have also noticed a totally jocked style thats circulating what MTV/VH1 etc. thinks is cool now.

Flourescent colors, collage of images,a couple of swoops of colors, some text being written on an angle, and you MUST have some Old English characters in there.

Graphic Design seems to fall into the current trend easily.

I’m pushing out as much floral stuff as possible at the moment, ultimate goal is to get it back to the pre-Raphaelite brother hood of old England, William Morris kind of stuff with natural tessellating patterns, but this isn’t a prediction for the future, its what’s happening now, (that’s why I’m pushing it out quickly!).

I blame Philippe Stark and his ludicrous gnomes.

As for the future, I’m not really sure, I’ve started R+D with thick sections of clear acrylics, engraving, then setting in tinted resins with repeated geometric shapes, almost mathematical, its not a prediction, just what I’m having a go at. Baring in mind that I work in furniture not graphic design. But we work with trend just as close as you lot do.

AVE101, why do you think Farm animals, is it just something that’s on your mind?


It’s so overdone that it’s insulting. I saw a TV commerical the other day for Viactiv (a womans supplement or something) that specifically trashes “trendiness” (in favor of their “real woman” brand) all while using the curlicue patterns in the background. Hypocrisy! Lens Crafters had a similar add with unnecessary and distracting curlicues. People: it’s over.

A few random thoughts on potential up-and-coming visual trends:

Big splashes of flat, vivid color
Lime Green & White (mmm…minty)
Fine lines (pinstripes maybe)
Zig-zags and sharp edges in general, rectangles
Garish combinations (DIY aesthetic, NikeID etc.)
Videogame Aesthetics
Snapshots (digital camera explosion)
Clean and Usable (Google, Apple, Tivo etc.)

MacDonalds is doing the same sort of thing with its new commercials for their premium salads, marketed to women and featuring a “poetry slam” monologue.

American Apparel is already onto this.