Graphic Tablet Recommendation

Hi everyone, I have a question about which graphic tablet should I use. I am majoring in Product Design and have plan to transfer to Art Centre. Therefore, I’m looking for graphic tablet that is not only easy to use for novice like me but also can be useful for my further education. I’m using macbook pro, please give me some recommendation. My budget is about $300, and I think the medium size is enough for me. Thanks.

I’m sure this has been discussed before. But I would recommend getting either a new wacom intuos 4 medium ($349 List) or going for a new/used wacom intuos 3 off of ebay. if you were to get an intuos 3 i would suggest either the 6x8, 6x11, or 9x12. even though they are last generation they are still wonderful devices.

I use a 6x11 with both a 15" macbook pro and my dell workstation with a 24" monitor. The wide aspect of the tablet seems to match pretty well with both devices as far as the tracking goes. For portability the 6x8 is probably the most portable and will fit in any bag. My 6x11 is about an inch wider than my mbp, it still fits in my laptop bag, but just barely.

Good luck with your purchase.

If you go for the intous 3 (you’ll probably still be able to get a good deal on those) don’t buy anything smaller than A5 Wide (6x11 I believe). The 6x8 is a joke if you plan to do digital sketching. Ok for touching up sketches in photoshop, but I was amazed at the difference between A5 and A5 wide when it comes to control. Also, unlike the introus 4, the 3 came in wide for (16:10 monitors) and regular (4:3), since most screens now are wide screen (16:10, and more and more 16:9) the regular will have a height, width ratio that doesn’t fit a widescreen well (alternatively you will have to cut/reduce the active area, in effect making it even smaller, to force it to fit the screen’s proportions).

Once you get a tablet I recommend using it exclusively for about the first two weeks. This includes web surfing, sketching, photoshop, illustrator, etc… that way you can get accustomed to it.

thanks all for your recommendation. So, jada, i don’t understand what do you say, i’m not familiar with the width ratio. :confused:
So, i have a macbook pro 13", and if i buy intuos 4 medium ( i don’t know if it’s 6 x 11), is that enough for me or you recommend the intuos 3?

The intuos4 medium is a widescreen tablet. It has an aspect ratio of 16:10 which matches your macbook pro perfectly. That should work fine for you. You may want a bigger tablet for sketching like Jada said. If you sketch from the elbow/arm then a bigger tablet would be nicer.

Hi Guys,

don’t want to hijack the thread but my question relates to the original one and I thought is rather pointless to start a new thread.
I am an ID student and am looking to buy a tablet. I owned an Intous3 some time ago but it stopped working after a while and I decided to not get a new tablet.
Now I am reconsidering to invest in a Tablet again. Money is a little tight though and I am looking at the Bamboo tablets as an alternative.
I don’t do a ton of digital sketching. I am more of a sketchmodel/CAD kind of guy since my focus lies in furniture and craft based designs.
So the bottom line question: Is the Bamboo Fun really that much worse?

I cannot compare an intuos to my bamboo , since ive never got hands on one , but here is a short review of my bamboo pen&touch fun medium (a5):

look and feel :

  • solidly built, at about 750g not too heavy and not too light to make a cheap impression .
  • colour : the grey reminds me of the new iMacs

flexibility, ease of use :

  • usual for wacom : very nice , customer friendly installation software + useful software package

  • NO detachable usb-cable , i.e. the cable is fixed inside the tablet

    touch-function :

  • great idea : actually delivers you a a5 sized touchpad for you pc
    i wont explain all the touch functions , but i recommend you take a look at the wacom website and check the bamboo product videos .

touch works perfectly once you get the hang out of it , its just pure fun and working and using the tablet for navigation and surfing happens very intuitively .

there is one problem : not every software does support the gestures for rotating, zooming and page swapping , but most can be customized

pen :

the pen feels a bit light , but is made of robust plastic - could use a bit more weight , tho.

pen accuracy and sensitivity is not as high as on intuos tablets , but sketching does work for me -

i got a software bundle serial with my bamboo that allows you to download either corel painter 4 essentials or the new ps elements - i already have ps7 , so i went for painter essentials .

And i have to say : sketching and painting works better with painter than with PS 7 - it seems as if painter can handle the pen-input data more effectively and therefore faster than the stoneold photoshop 7 .

once you registered your bamboo you can also download some free wacom software that can detect your handwriting and put in to text - more like a gimmick , but fun to use and i have been in situations very i read a text and simultaeniously wrote an excerpt with this handwriting detection - was helpfull actually :smiley:

together with the touch function sketching in corel gets real fun : make that iphone zoom gesture and zoom out, put your thumb on the board and move your index finger to rotate - just great

the two digital paintings in my alfa romeo thread in the sketching subforum were made with this tablet

regards , max