Graphic Designer to Industrial Designer

I am an Undergraduate set graduate in December. I have made a decision…that my true calling is Industrial Design.

I have been preparing my portfolio since December 04 for application into:

Academy of Art College
and RISD

Industrial Design Graduate Programs.

I am new to this forum thing but I have been reading and checking in on the site from time to time well really daily and it is a great resource.

I am posting this for a reality check…what are my chances?

Can I expect to further study…if you need a fill in, on my portfolio I would love to share what I have been working on.

I would just like to hear from those in the field with experience. I have been preparing myself with little to no guidence.

What should I expect…???

prat is better

old easy answer was Masters in ID was mostly worthless. basics you learn in undergrad mattered most. but not sure thats true anymore. times change. ID is fragmenting.

so depends maybe on what you want. if you say you want to go into interactive then i’d say you’re set with Graphics and maybe dont need ID. if you say you want to design mechanical products then its more questionable. IDers take on more engineering than they used to. that would be more difficult for you unless you have aptitude for it. that becomes an individual issue no one but you can answer.

i dont know about masters programs now. but 5 or 10 years ago i knew that IDers i met who had different undergrad degrees mostly sucked. we’d interview them and they had all the answers. except the right ones. my experience.

a masters is often only as good as what a person goes in with. i suspect this is still true. so depends on what you want to do, honest appraisal of your aptitudes, and how much time/money you have. anyone can get into ID. not everyone gets a job in it. especially now.

I am new to this forum thing but I have been reading and checking in on the site from time to time well really daily and it is a great resource.

welcome annie…this site is a great resource…working solo, it can be my only contact with other designers somedays and sometimes it is the only place where i can find the info i need.

lallylia, join idsa and find yourself a mentor (someone with 10+ yrs of experience)…better if they are local but as long as you can communicate with them when you need them they can help you along the way…while you are in school network with everyone you meet and stay in contact with them…your chances of getting that first job are five time greater through people you know than going it alone.

I would say this - the Pratt MID is good, I got an bachelors there, and the MID people worked very hard and were well qualified on graduation.

ID is tougher to break into than graphic design, if you can sketch beautifully naturally, then you will do great and I would say go for it.

if you were not born with the ability to sketch beautifully without practice (like me) then make sure you are prepared for the worst in establishing yourself - ie make sure you are prepared to make big sacrifices in pursuing your dream job. I had to design fast food giveaways for a year (which I hated) then I had to take a job as a CAD designer and now long story short have finally gotten to be a senior designer. I am very tenacious, and have interviewed at over 50 places in my career, with only 3 offers - and those with strings attached (lots of CAD work, or no health insurance, or designing giveaways for mcdonalds). If not tenacious about getting in the door, find another industry(unless you can sketch beautifully).

Also, with a little more than 5 years experience in multiple industries I now make 37,000 per year, and have begun looking at other fields just to get better pay.

Usually is so. :sunglasses:

Usually is so. :sunglasses:
(p.s:The name up is wrong.)

:smiley: all that have replyed have given some great advice…I expect to go far and look forward to posting my Senior Problem work for input and general discussion.

Thanks again…

Keep It Simple And Stupied! :unamused: