Graphic Designer or Ad Agency?

Hello, any opinions out there on the pros & cons for a startup medical manufacturer looking to fill a creative need? I am not advertising the position here, just looking for insight into defining it.

Looking for someone who can do ad work, collateral materials, packaging, etc… print, web + more, but we are a relatively small company where a lot of us wear many hats, so the individual would be working fairly autonomously… When a company wants to do cool things that will really define their product in the marketplace, but cannot hire an entire in-house design staff, can the right individual fill those needs?


Yes. :wink:

A freelancer can accomplish this, but they are somewhat rare, especially with a medical background. It seems you want in addition to straight graphic design work, you need them to handle design and positioning strategy. Generally, someone from the strategic end can’t do the design but I have seen many examples of the designer moving to the strategic end. They will have a lot of experience, will be difficult to find (you will separate a whole lot of chaff to get to the wheat) and they won’t be cheap.

An agency should have both the strategic and tactical and somewhat easy to find. They will be more expensive than the freelancer. It is your trade-off to choose.

If you are interested, I know a smaller agency in Chicago (I don’t work there but I have worked with them in the past) with plenty of medical experience. Fully capable of doing research, strategy and implementation and at sub-Madison Ave. prices. Send me a PM if you want their name.

Thanks for the info. Just to be clear, we are thinking about creating an in-house full time position, not a freelance/contract. Medical knowledge always helpful, but not necessary.

My mistake.

I would definately recommend full-time in house over an agency. You’ll get tigher control and more bang for the buck.

I will still stick to recommending someone with a lot of experience over a newby. Little experience can create great designs but it will be lacking direction and will likely be inappropriate for your company’s positioning. Someone with a lot of experience and the ability to determine the strategic end will give you the direction that suits your company.

When you become wildly successful, you can hire a junior designer to pick up the new work or you can have the senior designer direct an agency.