Graphic designer Aaron Draplin shares process and philosophy

Hey guys,

Just saw this video of Portland graphic designer Aaron Draplin sharing his logo design process and philosophy on running a small consultancy. It’s pretty interesting…


As both the owner of a small firm and an educator, I think this video is really thought provoking when considering the perspectives of different viewers. Imagine what this video might mean to a young designer or student or from the perspective of a current or potential client.

I think he does a great job to “demystify” the design process yet show it as both creative and deliberate. I think we should share our process with students as well as with out clients so they understand how design works in a real-world context. I particularly like his use of the terminology we as designers use every day like proportion, composition, context, etc. I’ve been keen on making sure my students understand the meaning of these words and their relation to their design process.

I also really like his sharing the ups and downs of running a small design firm and how he builds relationships with his clients. Of course, I could imagine some clients watching a video like this and going, “Gee, that looks so easy… why am I paying you so much for this?” But I think this is where client education is so critical and showing how this deliberate, focused and creative process creates value for the client.