Graphic Design Tutorials

• Color Matters •
Most comprehensive site about color you can find

• Corporate Identity •
15 trends taking shape in Logo Design

• How to design a logo of letters •
tutorial for designing ligatures

• Logo Design Process •
This design firm shows the process of creating a logo.

• Graphic Design USA - Corporate Identity •
15 Trends Taking Shape in Logo design

great information sites.

Not really a tutorial, but still useful to the graphic designer…about 5000 coporate logos in EPS format.

That’s a pretty cool logo resource. It’s hard to get a usable .EPS version of a company’s logo before you get your foot in the door. That’s a good resource to customize a presentation package or 1st meeting leave-behind. I should direct a few of the clients I work with to that site… They don’t always know where to access usable versions of their own logos. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a client pull their logo off there website, attach it to an email and say “Here you go.”

Make sure you verify those logos are their current ones before using them. Could be embarassing sending out a presentation or product design with their old logo plastered all over it.

Another way to get a company’s logo for use (what I usually end up doing) is search their site for any downloadable .pdf files such as posted brochures or annual reports and open them in Illustrator. Most of the time I can find a vector logo there.

Thanks for sharing!.. all those resources are good.

As I mentioned before, if you have specific requests it will be easier for me to post.

Logo Examples

• Ars Logo Design portfolio •
Click link on lower left for more logos

• Bernard Bélanger •
under the ‘signatures’ link

• Charles S. Anderson Design - Logo Design •
Navigation is on top box. Check out the rest of the portfolio while you’re there

You will have to navigate to the logo page. Its under the design category. NIce stuff

“Click here for more identities,” link on the left to see more logos

• LeVesque Design - Coporate Identity & Brand Identity •
Examples of their identity work

• Logotype Free :: A •
Database of logos, alphabetical. “All logos are trademarks of their respective owners, and are offered as a convenience for their lawful use only,.”

• Logo design by Logo Mojo •
Click for more examples on other pages. Great for inspiration but not the best designed stuff.

• Michael Schwab Studio •
If you don’t know who Michael Schwab is you must visit this site

Check out the rest of their work while you’re there.

• Studio Blue •
Identities from studio blue. navigation is easy to get to various logos

• Swimmer Design Associates •
click ‘enter portfolio,’ then ‘identity samples,’ to see logos

• Three story Studio •
examples of their identity work lauren3gg

• emokiddy dusan jelesijevic portfolio •
Student work

• logotypes •
5000 logo database, alphabetical. “All the materials available here are the property of their owners”