Graphic Design to Industrial Design?

Please give me some opinions/feedback if a graphic designer could transition into a industrial designer.

Anything can be done, it depends on the individual and the situations he or she stumbles across. i think the only way to do it with (more) certainty is to go back to school…


just as a talking point do people think it would be easier for a industrial designer to transition in to a graphics designer?

one of my friends was a graphic designer, but he altered his field into industrial designer. Because he uses graphic programs, photoshop, and illustrator well, he can draw rendring well with these programs.

I think designers crossing over from different backgrounds happens.

Agreed much of it is on the individual and the company. The company has to be understanding and allow you to learn. But at the same time I think someone with a graphics background can bring something different to the table much like an industrial designer could in the graphics world.

In any case a creative thinker could accomplish many things dispite what they have as a label on there business card.




  • I studied graphic design/ communication design for 3 years at school and ended up doing footwear design, which I believe is considered industrial design. Anything is possible.

don’t you mean impossible is nothing?..

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ha, your funny bro…didn’t want to make it obvious.