Graphic Design to Industrial Design & OCAD?

Hi. I’m a long-time lurking, first time poster. I was wondering if I could get some input into my situation?

I’m a self-taught graphic designer. Earlier this year I accepted an offer into York/Sheridan’s Bachelor of Design program. I’ll actually be a non-traditional student since I’m older and have a bit of professional experience in the field. I decided it would be beneficial for me to incorporate more theory and research into my education by pursuing a degree.

Recently, I had the experience of working with a product designer and 3D specialist among a small team. Over time I was encouraged by them to pursue Industrial Design or Interior Design since I had a knack for visualizing things in three dimensional space. I’ve also always enjoyed drawing/sketching and creating things in 3D programs more so than traditional graphic design.

I’ve done research on ID to gain a better understanding of it and read a lot of informative topics here. But I’m uncertain of how I can steer my career toward a path in Industrial Design. I was already accepted into the Bachelor of Design program at York/Sheridan and I’m assuming it’s too late to apply for an Industrial Design program for the upcoming school year. I’m wondering if I do complete the Bachelor of Design if I’d still be able to pursue a career in Industrial Design as long as I target my work and my focus toward it? I realize that ID and Graphic Design are very different but they are both design disciplines so I’m wondering if this is possible?

Also, I was wondering if I could get opinions on OCAD’s Industrial Design program? Since it’s an art school I think it may be more suitable for me instead of a program like Carlton’s which is more engineering-based. I haven’t been able to find many post from alumni from OCAD on the forum.

I would suggest you get some written or phone recommendations of those who encouraged you directly to the ID staff and see if you can squeeze in to the ID program now. Haven’t heard anything about the school itself, though.

Thanks, I hadn’t consider that would even be possible. I haven’t been in contact with them in a while, though, so I’m unsure if I’d be able to get a recommendation in time. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

So the “Bachelor of Design” is exclusively Graphic Design?
Maybe you could tell us more about the program that you have been accepted to as it sounds quite vague.

Generally, I would have to say that you are missing two important factors in a non-ID specific education: One being faculty, the other, and maybe more important one, are your peers and classmates.
Even if it is a design program, the fact that the students around you have another vision and ambitions for their career will make it very hard for you to get good critique and discourse as well as a positive sense of competition.

If ID is your dream profession, I would really urge you to pursue an ID specific degree.
That being said, everything can be achieved with enough time, money and dedication but an ID route would certainly be preferred.

Yes, it seems to focus on different facets in the graphic design industry, including web/interactive, motion design, information design, visual communications and so on with the option to concentrate in a chosen area.

Here’s a snippet from the description: “The program’s rigorous design course sequence emphasizes innovation, creativity and strategic thinking. You’ll develop outstanding ideas as well as the skills to execute them. You’ll also get the practical experience and professional contacts to launch a career in graphic design, product design, digital media, broadcasting or another related field.”

Here’s a link to the description page: 404 Page Not Found | Errors | Sheridan College

I agree and would rather pursue my studies in Industrial Design, but I also would rather not wait for another year just to get into a program. With luck maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in to the next intake this fall but that isn’t a certainty.

I suppose another option would be to transfer the following year… not very favorable either.

(Already typed a response but it disappeared when I pressed "submit. So here we go again…)

I understand that waiting sucks and that you are eager to start your education.
However, I would encourage you to see the bigger picture. In relation to a long and successful career in ID, one year is nothing.
Especially when you are working as a Graphic Designer already and you can use this time to get a head start on developing your ID skill set.

While it is of course possible to study in one field of design and then later end up in another, you should consider that even ID graduates have a hard time finding a good job right away and often have to spend at least a year polishing up their portfolios to be competitive.
Coming out of a Graphic and Digital Media course and then getting hired at a respectable ID firm for ID work right away, appears to me to be a gargantuan task. I can not stress enough how important a good ID education is.

The way it looks to me is that you are practically signing yourself up to studying the wrong thing for 4 years. In my opinion, working a year on your skill set and maybe even trying to apply to an even better ID program next year, seems to me like the smarter choice.

Excellent advice^^^

Furthermore have a good look at all the threads here on ontario schools. They aren’t equal. Find grads on coroflot and see what kind of places they are working. I think you can do better and it’s your career you are talking about. No sense in wasting 1 or more years in a program that won’t get you where you want to be.

As a grad and someone who had hired grads I would strongly recommend looking at Carleton. They have a very strong reputation.