Graphic design self-promo ideas?

I’m a print-based designer and currently putting together my identity, resume, and portfolio. I’m a print designer. Currently, I’m looking into different options for a self-promotion piece to send along with my resume and cover letter. I came across this, which was helpful but more for ID folks, I think:

Does anyone here have suggestions for a graphic designer? I’m wondering about formats, size, how many samples to show, etc.

I would have leave behind piece teaser of your work. Maybe something in a hard stock that even folds. Inside might be a cd w/ your work and info. The printed sample may contain 6 of your favorite pieces. The key really isn’t the packaging but the way you get it to the right person. HERE IS THE WAY YOU GET NOTICE.

FIRST: You can cold call all the graphic/ad/design places in your city and ask for the person’s name who is head of design.

SECOND: Hand deliver or mail it to that company with THE ATTENTION: of the design managers name.

THIRD: Call the guy and ask if you can speak with him to show your book because you admire the work that company does. (Might want to look at their website before coming over: quick research)

Fourth: While there maybe get his opinion of your work and make a conversation out of it. Maybe ask that person if he / she knows any places where you might gain employment and showcase your talents. Grab business cards etc…

Then send a thank you letter.

As for packaging, just mostly keep it clean, corporate, and to the point with a cd interactionof your info. You want something that is inexpensive and can be produce in quatity cause you need to hit the town.

I agree with Blade’s suggestions, except that you don’t necessarily need a CD if you’re looking for print work. You might want to focus on a smartly designed print piece instead, although some companies prefer to know that you have some interactive skills, which you can show off on a CD.

Don’t make your materials too fussy to difficult to open or handle. They’re going to people with little time or patience, so get straight to the point and focus on your work and credentials.

Good luck!

do you have a website? i know that you do print, but web is a great way to have them see your wrk. Send the teaser and then direct them to more wrk if they want to see at the website. I find websites very useful, and quick.

agreed with what was stated by blade…

I personally like the cd-

I would do a simple (but nice) teaser that shows a few samples ands lists your URL. So, the teaser is simple and inexpensive to male. Your site can always be updated, and that’s simpler to do than with a CD. Plus, when you do a follow-up call, you can mention that you’ve got some new work on our site (you can’t do that with a CD).

here’s an example of my identity, its pretty simple, you can dowload my resume and look at it too, my business cards match and anything I send out, has my logo on it. its all about being consistent and branding yourself.

oops. i guess i didnt really answer the actual “?”. I think you should make have a website, have maybe 3-7 samples, not necessary to put them all there, and as far as the promo, think of something that someones actually gonna keep around for a while and make it your own, no need to walk in to their office either, depending on the place that could be taken as unprofessional, but you can mail it to them, and then follow up, i’ve only mailed something out once, but it got me a 2nd interview.