graphic design salary in Shanghai or Beijing

hi all. i need help on getting info on design salary.
some info about myself, i’m from nyc and i’ve had 5 yrs of design experience.

just want to know how much i should ask for when i go interview there.

i already met with one of the big design shops in shanghai and they’re asking me how much i want. i don’t want to low ball myself or put the price too high that it scare them away.

also, i love nyc but being chinese myself, i see huge growth opportunities in China. any advice??

thanks for all your help!

I knew some local designer there,
normally the college graduated student salary is start from 1500RMB/month (about 200 USD)at Shanghai. some experienced designer who had promote to manager their salary is about 4000-8000 RMB/month.

all of my firends backgrouned in graphic design are not paid well in shanghai.middle leveld designers 4000–10000RMB after tax and only 3000 for 1-2years expirenced desiners.
that’s the payment for local desiners. if u can bring the theam something fresh, you can ask for more.
PS. if u worked for the real estate company the salary is much higher but
toooo much overtime works.