Graphic Design Masters? MICA or Pratt

I have been offered MS Communication Design at Pratt, New York. Although I’m still wait-listed at MICA for MFA Graphic Design, I have been offered a seat next year. MICA has excellent faculty and would be my first choice, any given day. But, is it worth waiting for an year?
I am very keen on starting my studies this year. Being in New York, Pratt has its perks. Even the general perception of the people I know, is both the colleges are at par with each other. What should I do?

P.S. Any tips on how to manage, if you’re wait-listed ?
I hear the selected candidates, pay only a 500$ deposit right now. The final fees is paid only in July/Aug. And, many drop out within this time. Is that right?

Not sure how familiar you are with both cities. Forgive me if this is preaching to the choir…

MICA does put out some great work but…it’s Baltimore. I would definitely “try before you buy,” as the city is not for everyone. It has an insane crime rate and is in many ways a dying city. However as with all struggling cities, this gives it a sort of scrappy energy and you can find very interesting things happening in local art/music.

NYC will be indisputably more culturally diverse and dense. However the sad truth is that it takes a lot of money to function on a basic level in NYC…you don’t “spend” money as much as you “hemorrhage” it. This has made for a much more high-brow art/design scene, IMHO. It takes serious digging to get involved in anything close to an “underground” art/design scene. And no, Bushwick is not underground.

That being said, if you’re in NYC, you can finish your last year at Pratt and sail right into something like Ogilvy, or Google, or billions of other companies/studios in the area. Pratt is very good at introducing you to players in the professional world by way of tours or talks or networking opportunities.

Thanks Jeff ! Thats a very valid point you have raised. My knowledge about Baltimore is restricted to Google and one episode of ‘Wired’. It does sound like a tough neighbourhood.

But my only attraction at MICA is the faculty. Studying under ELLEN LUPTON sounds like a dream come true. Strangely, I could not associate any big names in the Pratt faculty. Moreover, I have been looking at the work of recent graduates from both the schools. And, the work coming out of MICA is of top-notch quality.

Can someone give me an idea of the industry perception of MICA and Pratt? Are the job/internship placement services offered by MICA, good? Sorry for rambling, but I am in a big dilemma.


Is there a reason why you applied to the MS and not the MFA at Pratt?