Graphic Design jobs in Sacramento, CA

Hey guys,

I am currently thinking of relocating to Sacramento, CA and was wondering if anybody knew anything about the graphic designer job scene over there. Good, Bad, or Ugly, any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so much,

From what i can say, after growing up and living in Sacramento for 18 years, there is not much of a graphic design scene there. There are a few small shirt design firms there and some new magazine design firms from what i’ve seen before i left. As far as big design firms, there aren’t any that rings a bell to me.

If you’re looking for a good place for graphic design jobs/internships, i recommend San Jose. I’m currently attending San Jose State majoring in industrial design. There are plenty of job opportunities here in graphic design fields. San Francisco is actually your best bet.

Hey, dreamreality. Interesting, I grew up in Sac and lived there for 18 years and than went to SJSU for ID. What high school did you go to? How are you liking SJSU?

I don’t know much about Graphic Design in Sac but I know there is a small ID firm there called Design Annex, I got an internship there a few years back. That’s the only ID firm in all of Sacramento…man the Bay Area totally dominates the design world in Northern California.