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Hi, i am a recent graduate and have been looking for a job in the bay area for almost 3 months now. I feel as if i have nothing to offer since i don’t get any call backs. I have a BS in graphic design and have some internships under my belt. I thought of even starting a freelance business but being new to the bay i feel very much lost. Any suggestions or ideas as to what i can do to get out of this jobless rut?

Try looking at
Are you looking for full time employment, or just freelance work?

I had been looking since last June. I finally landed a fulltime freelance gig… and they discussed bringing me on as an employee.

Its tough out there but it getting much better. I have been getting calls since the begining of February for freelance. Good way to segway into a fulltime gig.

Don’t forget to network, cold call and go on informational interviews.

It is tough out there. The first job is rough.

I would suggest try looking into career services and job boards at your school you graduated form and also it really helps to network in the community.

just because they dont call u back doesnt mean u have nothing to offer, maybe you have alot to offer but what you offer is just not needed right now, i wouldnt be surprised if they or one of there places contacts you out of the blue one day.

I get a feeling that your confidence is down, just from your msg. Finding a job I am sure is difficult, but dont let it bring you down, stay confident and be positive. Where would you like to work, where is a place that you think you could fit in, go to all these studios or firms, or magazine’s ( i am not sure what type of graphic design you are in, advertising, print (editorial), web, mulitmedia…etc ) so go around place to place and introduce yoour self try and let these places get a name with a face that will help alot i would think. do you have much experience? maybe you are trying to apply for the wrong positions, or putting your self in a position where it is not the right fit–

let us know how it goes-

keep your head up and your spirits high-wrk hard and good things will happen**

** i feel like i am a preacher-but i have seen it first hand

good luck

hey. the best thing you can do is keep your head up. i was in the same situation when i graduated. i graduated in september last year from atlanta and moved to chicago the week after and jumped in and started looking for jobs. i just recieved an offer about two weeks ago and I had to freelance for a month to prove i could do the job. so it took me about 4 months. in those months i was so lost, i knew i had a lot to offer and had tons of interviews and couldn’t figure out what i was doing wrong, i felt hopeless but its natural, everyone goes through that when you seek your 1st job. the job i got was my first interview and the job reposted the job and i contacted the company and they asked me when i could start. i didn’t have to interview again either. its all about timing. so don’t give up on past companies even if you don’t get called back the first time. good luck.

Thank you all for great advice and suggestions. I have been feeling discouraged lately but with all your replies iam feeling much better. I do realize the job market is hard and tough right about now just didn’t think it would break my spirits. I think i am going to take your advice and try to put my face with my name so companies might have a better idea of who i am . Networking for me is hard since i moved and don’t know where to begin if you have any suggestions please let me know. Or even any opportunities you might know of. In any case thanks for all your help, support nad suggestions. I will definitely keep you guys up to date.
( They must have a chapter in the Bay area.