Graphic Design in Spain?

Hi all,

I’m an IDer gone Graphics. I recently graduated with a BFA in graphic design and have been working both interactive design and print for the past year. I have a great opportunity to transplant to Spain (Madrid) next year and am looking into what options I might have available when I move there.

Anyone have any info on schools/programs/internships/mid-level design positions for Madrid? I’ve done some research but have only found a handful of schools and the ones that are taught in English (my native tongue) are few and far between. Anyone out there willing to drop some knowledge on me?

I’ve read through just about every post that I can find in relation to Spain and design on this board so any new info is appreciated, and thanks in advance!

Sorry man, i had been living in Spain for 10 months and i need to tell you, that if you really wonna studying or living over there you must speak spanish. Especially in places like Andalusia and Madrid… Cant say about Valencia or Barcelona. Definitely make a research about Barcelona as its international city… sorry cant help you more…