(Graphic) Design in England?

Hey guys,

Let me start out by explaining the current situation… I lived in the “states” for 13 years, graduated high school and hold a Certificate of Completition for a 4 year program which I completed in 3 (and have 1500 training hours). I did design for a good sized company over there for years and 6 months ago moved to Finland.

I should have done more indepth research, but from people who I spoke to that have connections to or work in the same field pretty much gave me the feeling that because of my resume/portfolio and fluent English I should find a job (in the field) quickly.

This has not happened (and Ive probally sent out somewhere close to 100 personalized applications). The thing that really bugs me is when doing a search for jobs the maximum Graphics jobs Ive seen at one time was probally 3! 3 in the whole country, compared to if you search in “the states” or England you get hundreds of results for just one area.

I am 19, I have experience in the field (which I think should count for alot) - When I was in school I never relied on the school to teach me, I went out and taught myself as much as I could… I noticed one thing here is that employers look for schooling and yet are not giving credit to my schooling. For example my brother who has been schooled (3 years, 600 training hours) in “the states” to be a Draftsman (?). One company he applied to wrote back saying “someone your age could not hold the proper training/schooling for this field”.

Since I am fluent in English, it is more comfortable to me… in the beginning of this year when I started looking at schools I looked for English speaking schools in Europe, but they only seemed to be in the UK. My Finnish is good, but from what others in my position have said is that if you didnt learn Finnish in school here employers will pretty much discard your resume.

I looked at some schools in Finland and decided Id work hard and when I did graduate if there was still a lack of jobs here I would look elsewhere.

Since I have not recieved anything other than “we have recieved your application” - I am assuming I did not get accepted into a school here.

So heres where England comes in… England=English, but thats about all I know of it. How available are Graphic Design (and related) jobs there? (Im guessing London area and surrounding). What would basic living cost (weekly/monthly)? Are there any “shockers” that people from abroad moving to England experience?

Basically any sites/information would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

I guess London/South East is the palce to be for graphics as it it for many of the other creative industrys. I dont know about any particluar graphics web sites but www.adrem.uk.com is a Creative Recruitment Agency so should have some graphics jobs on there. For living costs in London your looking at around a minium of £400 rent/bills in a ok place in a shared house. Only shockers I have come across is have to get used to the weather and the tube…but london is great!

Alright Thanks dawolfman666. :slight_smile: