Graphic Design Diploma

I’m looking to get a graphic design diploma or degree. What’s the best/quickest way to get one? I have industry experience and a degree in a non-related field.

Thanks in advance.

The best way would probably be the MFA, which is normally 2 years but can be more (summer school, or an extra semester or year) if you have no formal training.

The quickest would be some courses at a local art school, or a post-bac program, which is typically one academic year.

You could also go back for a BFA, which would take at least 2 years.

As for which is right for you, it’s up to you to figure out what you’re really looking for. I’d never hire someone without a degree in the field, or in something closely related, but maybe you’re not looking to be hired by someone like me.

Some colleges (including the one I went to) offer Graphic Design Certificates to students who already have degrees and want to skip the basic foundation courses and take the senior level courses.

Its tough to learn a new discipline in 2 years. Why the limit on time?