Graphic Design applied to Product Design

How well does a Graphic Design degree apply to Product Design/Industrial Design? I’m really interested in product design but it would be difficult to pursue a degree in ID, while a graphic design degree is more readily available to me (having to do with location).

While there are people from many backgrounds in i.d., I think many people here would feel that a degree in graphic design, from a accredited school, would prepare you best for a career in graphic design. There may be some areas that you would be qualified in, presentation, possibly sketching, etc, while there would also me areas you may not be prepared for such as manufacturing processes, attention to the third dimension of a product, as in much graphic design is concentrated on a flat plane and products are many times three dimensional.

Depending on the school, you may be prepared for the interaction or graphic user interface aspects of a product.

Another thing to think about would be that many of us have had multiple internships with company practicing product design, and a course in graphic design may enter you into competition for internships with graphic related companies.

You may want to go out of your way to begin a path of industrial design, with the beginning of such a path, not with another, meaning go to school for id if that what you would like to end up doing. However, you may end up liking graphic design, as many here do. Good luck, start your search the way we start a project, with research.

there’s a terrific niche for grapihics on products, and someone who understands the different processes and limitations, pad print, hot stamp and a bunch of others. most of the time ID just does it themselves, but often we’re not the best at it.

Thanks for the input. I have been doing a lot of research. It’s just a bummer to be stuck in the Dallas area when most ID schools are several states over.

The word on the street is that the Savannah College of Art and Design has narrowed its search for another campus to Dallas and San Diego.

Oh wow, that’s awesome news. Thanks a lot! It would be incredible if they landed here.

thank God, i hope they build one in SD :slight_smile:

do you know if they will offer ID? or just graphic design?

Oh c’mon, you californians have plenty of design schools. :sunglasses:

We are hurting for some good design schools in Texas.