Grand Prix of Canada... F1 son...


Did anyone go to the F1 race in montreal… I was up there this weekend it was crazy… The city was at record heat, but the racing was so close and sick…

It was entertaining to watch…for computer controled start…man, make the driver do something else besides turn the wheel!

they eliminted launch control this year… To make the competition closer… Renault was the manufacture that developed a manaul launch control… That is why they jumped so far on the start, but it is a lot more than just steering believe me… All major controls minus gas and brake on the steering wheel, everything from shift, clutch, all feedback, brake basis… Take a look at one, it has like 36 buttons… But when you are 350 kilometers an hour, it needs to be right in front of you…

That was quite a big ticket they gave to Montoya for running the red light.

Yeah that Black Flag was pretty bad… Man oh man did that piss me off…

Montoya needs to pull him self together or else he will end up back in champ car racing.

The Mclaren is a stunning piece of design, the horn shaped wings on the airbox are beautiful. Adrian Newey is one very talented designer.

Beauty with a purpose.

ummmm… no. I can’t really imagine coming to grasp with such vicious performance as an F1 car presents. Mad acceleration, madd braking, maddder cornering… nevermind knowing the track, knowing your opponents, knowing your car, knowing your team… if you want lame then check out NASCAR racing.

F1 racing is not without it’s controversies, but it’s still one pinacle of motorsports that we mere mortals will never experience.

no I didn’t go to MTL but I did watch most of the race.

after the usgp fiasco i am utterly convinced f1 and it’s counterparts are the devil’s tools. f1 used to be entertaining. it’s used to be better fan-oriented. now it’s just a bunch of high-dollar teams and manufacturers posturing for advantages through politics and poor sportsmanship. i have lost all respect for the series, though still hold many of the drivers in high regard.

to me the best drivers bar-none compete in WRC. if you want to see good wheel-to-wheel action the ALMS, BTCC, DTM, and the SCCA World Challenge. even the australian supercars is better than f1. hell, watching a regional spec miata race is even better than f1.

bernie eccelestone and max mosely need to die in a fire.

Lot of closed-door talking going on in F1 circles in the last 2 weeks.

It’s looking like the teams got the FIA’s attention when they said “listen to us or there is no F1.” The teams have sent their version of the 2008 regulations package to them and the charges brought against the Michelin teams have been dropped.

The banks that own 75% of the commercial rights are looking to sell and teams (minus Ferrari) are looking to buy. Eccelstone is pissed, but it looks like he is getting pushed right out of the picture…that twisted, greedy old whacko.