Graeme Obree's HPV attempt- and TU Delft's

The Obree story on Core77 is great, and it’s fantastic that he’s going for the IHPVA record (I’m assuming the [200m flying start]]( I hope he smashes the record (Obree is under construction).

While reading up on it I discovered that TU Delft students are going for it as well:
It’s a comprehensively detailed depiction of their process.

Check out the rollerblade assisted start(7m 25s):


I was under the impression that even riding a recumbent at a velodrome could get the rider stripped of their UCI racing license. Can anyone confirm?

Another question, do they check the rider for juicing?

Yes. UCI and WADA is obscenely overbearing regarding doping.

from IHPVA - International Human Powered Vehicle Association

“3.2.9 Illegal Substances: The competitor may be subject to tests for drugs or other substances designed to enhance athletic performance that may be defined as illegal by the International Olympic Committee at the time of the attempt. Detection of illegal substances will invalidate the attempt.”

Maybe subject to…I’d try if it was anything better than a 50/50 shot they test me. Get a back up rider just in case.

Tu Delft breaks HPV record, 134km/h:

and Obree set’s prone HPV record, 91km/h: