Graduation Project

I have finally completed my graduation project. I have completed my design of bicycle parking.

Here is the link to Behance:

The project is a Bicycle parking solution, which takes into account all aspects of a bike. It protects it from vandalism, theft of parts, and the bicycle itself. The cost has also been considered, it will be around £550 per bike (this is the cost of making the product). I like to make sure that some of my work, whilst a concept, takes into account the costing and the feasibility of making the product.

The idea is that companies, businesses, schools and councils, are able to pay either a ‘kit’ with a number of modules and add more later, or buy as many as the wish and connect them in a row together. 9 bicycles are able to fit into 1 car parking space (U.K).

It is constructed from a glass fibre and steel composite which is fire retardant and physical attack proof, an improvement on current bicycle parking methods which do not take into account the theft of parts and vandalism.

I came to this design based on user research.

My aim is not to please everyone within the market, because, it’s almost impossible to achieve this with any design.

Any comments, as always, is very much appreciated.

Looks good… sorry if I had missed these nit picks I am about to comment about.

First one… are there bike holding units on the opposite side of what you have shown?? As I don’t see this in the renders? If so might make a point of it… as you are essentially turning that wasted space into useable space.

Also I would assume the locking shaft pushes into some kind of metal assembly built into the glass fiber structure. As these always tend to degrade… Even with minimal degradation it would make the unit useless.

The only major issue that I see with this is how much space it takes up. Would it maybe be a better idea to design something that locks the bike along with what parts are usually stolen… I would assume the seat and front tires?? Leading to a much smaller footprint?

Hi mate, cheers for the quick reply! Yeah bikes go in from both sides, the design is symmetrical. The fibre glass is sprayed onto an expanded steel frame which has all the different fixings welded onto it. With the space issue, it has the size and bulk to prevent the bike from been vandalised, not just stolen, hence the all round protection. The design is also mainly aimed at competing with bike lockers, which have a much larger footprint and typically cost twice as much as my design.

Probably should have made these things clearer in the display material.

Yah… I am not familiar with bike lockers at all. Just the typical bike racks which house the mass amounts of bikes.

Not sure if it’s needed but maybe a quick 2d comparison to the footprint of a typical bike locker? As the ‘footprint’ is one of your selling points.

No, it’s a good point. Those two questions have been mentioned a couple of times with the display material. I explained it clear in the logbook that went to the tutors. Many thanks for the comments.

Nice work. We have fiberglass bike covers at the train station. I don’t care for them much. They are in the horizonal orientation and take up a lot of space. Also, the hole for the lock is too small, you cannot use your U-lock in it.

Something I don’t see, is there a means to assist the user, a ramp or winch or something, to get their bike into the vertical position? Citybikes tend to weigh a lot and can be awkward to handle when on one wheel.

Also, if I have a full rear fender, the fender can interfere when the bike is fully vertical. Is there something in your locker that will keep the fender from scraping on the ground?

I did take into account the fenders, so they should avoid scraping the ground!

I have since changed my boards to explain it better. Please check my website out for these!

I will also upload my boards externally, which I have done for my degree show!

Many thanks for the comments!