Graduating from Art Center

What kind of jobs can one expect when you graduate from Art Center. It is one of the best transportation design schools in the world, so would one say it is like the Harvard Law Schooll of car desgin??

sure… you should promptly expect a 100,000 a year salary, a brand spanking new cadillac XLR, 5 weeks vacation, and respect from the design world. You wont have to work for anything because, hey you went to art center… thats like the havard of art schools right???.

No, expect to fight hard for the open jobs that are out there. You would be up against all of the other car fanatic people in the world that went to art center, pratt, ccs, royal college of art, parsons, etc…

The sun may set on art center, but the world sure dont revolve around it…


Aint that the truth.

As an Art Center grad, I can tell you that having the name on your degree will get a prospective employer’s attention. But it won’t get you a job, only talent will do that (as displayed through a portfolio). The better the talent - the better the job, salary, benefits…

i work at calty design studio. most of the people under my management are art center grads. they’re no different than ccs or cia grads. the only real difference is they paid more for tuition over the 4 yrs.

all i can say it was worth paying all that money.

NO. it will not get you a job.
but when i graduated and started interviewing all the big name companies,
i realized the power of having that name on the resume.
Plus, there were always some art center people working whereever I interviewed…

what will get you a job is your portfolio.
But having that art center name on the resume will set you apart from
hundreds of applicants…

What if you are planning on taking your ID degree more towards entertainment design, (theme parks, film industry, toy and game development)
I know Art Center has an entertainment design minor, would this really put someone at an advantage?
Everyone agrees that you get a job on talent, skill and perseverance, but what about exposure, Art Center having this minor and being close to Hollywood, would the school help you push your way into the entertainment industry more than say CSS or CCAD.?
Or would you say just getting a good ID education and then, getting some gnomon dvds and learning in your own time be just as good?

I just graduated high school and plan on going to college for ID, but entertainment design is so dawn attactive I can’t help but dream, but I have no disillusions about how much perseverance and patience it is going to take to get there.

a degree in ‘id’ will not sufficiently prepare you to enter the entertainment world as it exists today. you need illustration skills/know how that have gone to the way side for most ID programs.