Graduated in ID...Still want to go into Trans Design...

So I just graduated in Industrial Design, luckily started a job. However, throughout all my schooling I kept wanting to go into Transportation Design. Never did because I already transfered once, and I figured I had a much better chance at getting a job. Now that I’m done and working, I’m still wanting to do Transportation Design though! What do I do? Try to just take a few night courses at CCS or Art Center. see if I can keep working? Is there a “fast track” for those who already have a ID degree? Or grad school for Trans Design (Royal College of Art)? Anyone know what my options are?


Just go back to school. Under @ ACCD or grad @ anywhere else.

One thing to consider is that enjoying car design and having a corporate car design job are vastly different experiences. Many people love the former, but hate the latter, even those still in the industry.

Sounds glamourous but some end up doing hub caps and tail lights. I enjoy sletching cars for personal leisure. But follow your passion, you just may be great at it or at least won’t get tired of doing it. I’d go to a school where you get exposure to car companies and sponsored projects like Art Center or CCS or AAU.

Brook Banham just went back to CCS to grad in trans, he posted about it somewhere on here a couple of weeks ago, you might ask him a few questions directly.