Graduate Website / Portfolio review.

I graduated this last May, and have spent the majority of my time since then re-designing my portfolio while job hunting. I would appreciate if the experienced, insightful, or both would review it and share their thoughts. No need to hold back, and thank you in advance!

The links to Vessel and Bobbi are broken, I cannot view the project files. But for the project Eight, nice work! Very clean images, I can easily follow your thought process and the solution was a very elegant well thought out solution. So now what if I can only sleep for 7 hours? Does it adjust for a shorter sleep time as we cannot always (especially in design) achieve our optimum 8 hours of sleep. Also the form factor is perfect for including a light, maybe the light glows brighter and brighter about three minutes before the alarm goes off and slowly begins to wake you up (like the rising sun).

But looking like you have really good start and direction! Good work!

Thank you very much for your input! I will work on making the following information more clear on my site. I will also look into making the the links to Vessel and Bobbi work as intended, as it is a shame you could not view them.

Eight works in the same way an egg timer does. If you want to set it for 7 hours instead of 8, you can do so. Each graphic “tick” on the body of Eight represents one more hour of sleep the user will receive that night. The difference between setting the sleep timer for 7 hours of sleep and 8 hours of sleep is that there will be an audible “CLICK” sound when it is set to 8 hours. The the sound gives Users positive habit reinforcement, thus making it more “rewarding” to set the timer to 8 hours each night instead of 7 hours of sleep.

Currently, Eight does not require any electricity, as it relies on its spring for mechanical energy. I agree the form factor does lend itself to having a light in the upper area, though the reason I did not include it is Eight would then require a form of electricity / power. Taking the leap from no power source to using a power source (although relatively small) is a large change, given the simplicity of the object. As much as I have thought about it, I am not 100% convinced including a light is enough of a reason to change this.

Ah, okay, I see. Ya, that’d be great if those links worked.

And re: Eight, you have a valid point, if it doesn’t already run on electricity that’s a whole other ball game, so maybe it could be a step-up in the product line, the Eight with a light and then the next one up from that wakes you up to the smell of coffee :stuck_out_tongue: