Graduate Study in Design

I am a designer, im interested in all sorts of design, i cant really pinpoint my main strengths, this has become a seeming problem for me. im into fashion design, i love web design, print, advertising, product, housing…

i cant seem to get a graduate or pre-graduate course because i have a bachelors degree in an engineering course, that suits my needs, right now im in the process of applying to Northumbria Uni and University of Texas at Dallas,

Pleasee any form of advice would be sooo appreciated! Thanks! :smiley:

what type of program are you applying to right now?

my suggestion for you would be to study architecture. some one here would probably argue with me but, i would say that education in architecture allows for the greatest options in changing the scale and scope of your design work. many architects become product designers, fashion designers, graphic designers, etc. they also still have the option of practicing architecture.

just ensure that the architecture program you are choosing is not highly technical in orientation, you are better off with a school that is more experimental (as to give you a broad look at design)

also, unlike most graduate degrees, you can apply for what’s called a ‘mArch 1’ which is usually a 3.5 year program. this is designed for people with non-architecture backgrounds, and is very common in the U.S.

best of luck.

What do you have your undergrad in?

I’m going to UTD right now for computer engineering. Are you applying for the ATEC program?


i was going to do that for a Bachelors, but it was too technical for me,

mehn! i dont know. i will definately explore that option, thanks

@Symmet, yes, i am applying to the ATEC, MFA arts and technology.

Im so confused, i have considered going for graphic desgn and design direction at Instituto Marangoni

but its more likely i end up at Northumbria.

There is some cool stuff happening with the ATEC program, but it is definitely still growing and adjusting. I’m sure Northumbria’s program has a more solid foundation.