Graduate studies: best school, best funding?

Hi out there,

I´m from Europe, finishing my Industrial Design studies here next summer and am a Candidate of the Fulbright Scholarship.
Already spent hours in this forum, still a bit lost…

I may only apply to 4 schools for fall 2013, so need to take following points into consideration:

-Program quality (not always easy to find out, as I am unfortunately not able to visit the schools)
-Network provided/teachers
-Costs (I will get 25 000 dollars scholarship, the rest to finance on my own)
-Location (silicon valley or the east?)

Costwise, I might just be able to do one year, not finishing the degree (I already have kind of a Masters/ 5 years design study)

That´s my list so far:

Expensive ones:
Art Center Pasadena
Rhode Island School of Design (good reputation, but portfolios I have seen didn´t blow me away)
NYC School of Visual Arts (Products of Design)
California College of the Arts

Arizona State University
University of Philadelphia / UA Philadelphia ??
University of Savannah
(North Carolina State)

already contacted most of them plus sending portfolio, most of the replies were very positive,…
RISD sent a standardized email back, as well as arizona state, the other ones were quite personal and friendly

my two favourites are art center and stanford, does anyone know with how much additional scholarship from the school i could calculate?

Grateful for any advice- Experiences/Funding/ etc… THANKS !!