Graduate student portoflio

Hi all,

I’m graduating this year in Industrial Design from Brunel University, and as I am about to start applying to companies, I would massively appreciate some feedback on my online portfolio.

Please take a look at and let me know your thoughts.

Currently it is only work from around 9 months ago as my recent work is restricted with NDA’s

Thanks in advance,


Hey Rob,

You have a very clean presentation style. That lends itself well to your style of design.

Right now your showcasing a lot of problem solving project, which is great. Breaking down problems and finding solutions is an integral part of the design process… However one thing that I’m missing personally would be to show a project that has heavy form development. Your products are very simple in form language which helps convey the idea, but doesn’t help build emotion into the product.

If your really focusing on this design problem solving side. Maybe heading after a work place like IDEO. Then you might need to really blow out the front end process in your portfolio. But if your looking to get into an more product centric position, You might need to show more product development. Sketches (rough and final), CAD, model making, etc…

If you could give us what your ideal work place would be after school We can help tailor our feedback better.

Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for the quick feedback, I have actually just applied to an IDEO internship in London, but am about to start applying to product based design consultancies as well. My ideal workplace would either be somewhere such as IDEO doing design research, or in a more typical industrial design studio. Either way I want to be in a company that design products very much based on the end users needs and feedback.

Also I am hopefully going to be uploading some work from projects I did in TU Delft last year which were very research heavy.